Caulfield Race 8

  Horse Details Last 10 Career W% P% Avg $ Wgt Bar Best Odds
Royal Blue, Gold Hoops, White And Red Seams Sleeves, Black Cap

M J Hirst, J Bruin & N Wright
Jimmy The Bear
Teo Nugent - Patrick Payne
118s2511  7 4-1-0 57%  71%  $40,075 59.0
White, Red Epaulettes And Armbands, Red And White Striped Cap, Red Pom Pom

Legend Racing
Oriental Legend
Brett Prebble - John Sadler
5517411s2  7 3-1-0 43%  57%  $10,207 54.5 9
Yellow, Red Disc, Armbands And Cap

A T Jackson, Mrs C M Jackson, B J Saundry & Mrs S M Saundry
Arran Bay
Alana Kelly (a2) - Phillip Stokes
4242s3113s  8 2-2-2 25%  75%  $11,034 54.0 10
Dark Blue Tartan, Yellow Seams, Dark Blue Tartan Cap, Yellow Pom Pom

R M Wanless & Mrs J M Wanless
Daytona Bay
Blaike McDougall - Peter Moody
31s1  2 2-0-0 100%  100%  $26,125 54.0 7
White, Red And Black GBS Racing Logo, Striped Sleeves And Cap

S Wallis, W Slater, K A Ward, S M Ward, S M Daly, B J Tansing, D J Wright, T Maguire, J Stephenson, K N Good, S E James, S Sturevski, C Barrington, B J Mccormack, T D Delaney, D Lastrina, Peck Media, Squires Loft Cheltenham, MnG Super Brew & G B S Rocking Racing
Philadelphia Storm
Jye McNeil - Michael Moroney
66s4112  5 2-1-0 40%  60%  $26,080 54.0 1
Navy Blue, Cream Seams

G W Cleary
Bold Hoi Ho (NZ)
Mikaela Lawrence (a3) - Patrick Payne
711  3 2-0-0 67%  67%  $13,700 54.0
Yellow, Black Lightning Bolt, Collar And Diamond Armbands, Star Cap

R M Moses & Ms C M Franze
Thomas Stockdale (a2) - Ken & Kasey Keys
011s97  4 2-0-0 50%  50%  $19,388 54.0 4
White, Red Epaulettes And Armbands, Red And White Striped Cap, Red Pom Pom

Legend Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: K K Ho)
Cheerful Legend
Matthew Cartwright (a1.5) - John Sadler
9028s0551s  13 2-1-1 15%  31%  $7,620 54.0 2
Navy Blue, Gold Prancing Horse, Sleeves And Cap

D M D B Syndicate (Mgr: D Mcinerney), Dundas Sports (Mgr: J Morgan), Dream Date Racing No. 6 (Mgr: E Antonucci), The Cumberland Group (Mgr: R Joynes), Barkley St Racing (Mgr: N O'brien), Ms M Caliste, R Caudwell, D Oliphant, T Prodromou, W Tahche, A J Duguid, C Barrile, W Smart & C Moir
Cardinal Gem
Michael Dee - Grahame Begg
1423s546s5  10 1-2-1 10%  40%  $8,454 54.0 6
Pink And Navy Diagonal Stripes, White Sleeves And Cap, Pink Pom Pom

Mrs S G Griffiths, R D Griffiths, K G Williams, Mrs C E Mckelvie, M Mckelvie, D Shirley, R Harris, R Vom & Danibran Syndicate (Mgr: N Johnstone)
Daily Bugle
Will Price (a1.5) - Robbie Griffiths & Mathew de Kock
758678s633  18 2-1-3 11%  33%  $16,886 54.0 3
Red, Black And White Checks Quarters, White Sleeves, Black And White Checks Cap

N Conidi, D P Heffernan & K Yong
Place Of Gold
Patrick Moloney - Cliff Brown
22s221  4 1-3-0 25%  100%  $15,163 54.0 5
Navy Blue, White Spade And Pom Pom

Lofty Thoroughbred Group (Mgr: P Lofitis)
Beau Mertens - Julius Sandhu
81s334  4 1-0-2 25%  75%  $11,250 54.0 8
Red, White Gatecrasher

Rosemont Stud Pty Ltd (Mgr: A P Mithen)
Champions League
Linda Meech - Clayton Douglas
9170631s34  10 2-0-2 20%  40%  $4,917 54.0
Royal Blue, Horse Silhouette, White Chicken Silhouette And Cap

Mrs L M Brown, T C Davies, Ms N Ciavola, T A Hartley, S Sparks, P W Elliott, M Harmes, L Stephens, Mrs K L Thompson, J Blair, J L Harmes, G Blundy, F De Pasquale, Ms B J Strong, F L Ralston, Mrs E D'Abaco, D Stanton, B C Thompson, Mad Pam Racing (Mgr: B M Maroney) & Browns & Kirks (Mgr: S D Brown)
Designer Dreamer
n/a - Matthew Brown
951s62  5 1-1-0 20%  40%  $5,570 54.0
Pink And Navy Diagonal Stripes, White Sleeves And Cap, Pink Pom Pom

Mrs S G Griffiths, B E Saxild, D G Lightfoot, M P Delaney, D I Hansell, D J Knagge, T B Corcoran, S F Spiteri, Mrs B M Phelan, G D Mclaughlin, S A Richardson, R D Griffiths, OZ Racing Viper (B E Saxild), OZ Racing Raider (B E Saxild), OZ Racing Ocean 1 (B E Saxild) & Five Oceans (G M Brown)
Ocean Raider (NZ)
Carleen Hefel (a2) - Robbie Griffiths & Mathew de Kock
2126s2235  7 1-3-1 14%  71%  $6,382 54.0

Runner Comments

1. Jimmy The BearRaced wide without cover hd win of 11 (10) $21.00 52.5 Cardinal Gem, Blazerro 1400m Flemington 3yo Hcp Soft(5) May 14. Sht 1/2 hd win of 12 (10) $8.50 56.0 Arran Bay, Literary Magnate 1400m Flemington 3yo Hcp Soft(6) June 4.
2. Oriental LegendHas three wins from six attempts this campaign and finished fifth last start at Caulfield. Drawn out wide. Not in this.
3. Arran BayNarrowly beaten when heavily backed last start at Flemington and has the speed to overcome drawing the widest barrier. Has placed in two runs from three this campaign. Right in this.
4. Daytona BayHas won both races so far and last start winner at Park when first up. Rates highly with Blaike McDougall aboard. At least a place chance here.
5. Philadelphia StormFinished sixth last start at Flemington when resuming and won at Wangaratta in only second-up attempt. Drawn the rails. Rough claims.
6. Bold Hoi HoRaced wide without cover sht hd win of 11 (11) $3.90F 59.5 Confrontational, Shadow Hawk 1400m Sale 2yo+ (Bm64) Good(4) May 25. Eased down. Failed to handle going. Vetted - no abnormalities 18-1/4 len 7th of 8 (4) $5.00 54.5 Bigolino 1600m Sandown-Hillside 3yo Hcp Heavy(9) June 11.
7. VultanCan't knock the form winning two in a row at Mornington and Moe. Has run well in these conditions. Go well.
8. Cheerful LegendRan three lengths back from the winner last start at Flemington and gets the winkers on for the first time. Favourably drawn. Not the worst.
9. Cardinal GemCame on to finish midfield last start at Flemington on a soft track and has two placings from three runs this prep. Expected to settle off the speed. A good chance.
10. Daily BugleUnplaced in all five runs this prep and finished midfield last start at Flemington. Expected to settle off the speed. Not here.
11. Place Of GoldHas been flying of late. Place hope.
12. MasterfulLast start winner to break maiden at Mornington when first up and has the speed to overcome an unfavourable draw. Won't be far away in the run. Place chance.
13. Champions League10-3/4 len 7th of 9 (5) $14.00 54.5 Dr Evil 1900m Canterbury 3yo+ (Bm64) Heavy(8) May 4. Len win of 8 (6) $4.40 56.5 Almighty Will, Frostin' 1400m Pakenham Synthetic 2yo+ (Bm64) Synthetic June 3.
14. Designer Dreamer1-1/4 len 5th of 13 (10) $31.00 59.0 Belle Et Riche 1400m Sandown-Lakeside 3yo (Bm64) Good(4) May 22. 6-3/4 len 9th of 12 (1) $41.00 54.0 Jimmy The Bear 1400m Flemington 3yo Hcp Soft(6) June 4.
15. Ocean RaiderRaced three wide len 2nd of 5 (4) $2.80 59.5 Big Friday 1400m Pakenham Synthetic 2yo+ Mdn Synthetic May 26. 1-3/4 len win of 11 (11) $3.70 59.5 Zoomurudi, Jolie Christine 1600m Pakenham Synthetic 2yo+ Mdn Synthetic June 7.

Gear Changes

8. Cheerful Legend Cross-over Nose Band FIRST TIME, Winkers FIRST TIME. 14. Designer Dreamer Ear Muffs OFF FIRST TIME, Visors AGAIN.