Tamworth Race 7

  Horse Details Last 10 Career W% P% Avg $ Wgt Bar Best Odds
Black And Yellow Diamonds, Yellow Cap

Arrowfield Pastoral Pty Ltd (Mgr: J M Messara)
Aaron Bullock - Paul Messara
s111  3 3-0-0 100%  100%  $17,905 61.0
White And Red Checks, White And Black Seams Sleeves, Black Cap

S Saric, A Saric, S Marasovic, M Brekalo & S S Struthers
Grant Buckley - Stirling Osland
3s411404s4  7 2-0-0 29%  29%  $5,074 59.5 6
Pale Blue, Royal Blue And White Hooped Sleeves And Cap

W Eagles Plumbing Supplies Pty Ltd (Mgr: C P Keane)
Mcnair (NZ)
Andrew Gibbons - Allan Denham
544719s761  14 3-1-1 21%  36%  $4,553 58.5
Pale Blue, Silver Diamond, Diamonds Sleeves

S Stojanovski, Mrs K A Stojanovski, A T Stojanovski, B P Stojanovski, S T Stojanovski & L Stojanovski
Raay Of Dreams
Billy Cray - Natasha Hall-Antonio
001297050s  31 3-3-5 10%  35%  $4,232 58.5
Orange, Black Stars And Cap, Orange Pom Pom

B J Nicholls
Our Cousin Al
Jackson Searle (a1.5) - Stephen Farley
85600s0115  21 3-3-3 14%  43%  $3,048 58.0
Yellow, Royal Blue Stars Sleeves, Yellow And Royal Blue Star Cap

S T Kavanagh, A C Kennedy, D A Haynes & N A Haynes
The Fossil
Madeline Owen (a2) - Sam Kavanagh
44777075s9  24 3-1-0 13%  17%  $4,623 58.0 1
Red, Green Hoops, Red Sleeves, White Armbands And Cap

C K Martin, Mrs S P Martin, K J Penfold, Mrs B Johnson, Mrs R L Stuart, Mrs A T Vickers & K Collins
Ashley Morgan - Craig Martin
211785s004  11 3-0-1 27%  36%  $4,424 57.5 8
Red, White Diamond With CM, Diamonds Sleeves, Diamond On Cap With CM

C G Morgan, B Campbell, B J Hill, G J Henshaw, J R Sellars, EST M Morris, P F Lindsay, P C Maher & Over The Line Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: A H Hasler)
Majestic Wings
Kody Nestor - Cody Morgan
022182s992  17 2-6-2 12%  59%  $4,611 57.5
White, Purple Stripes, Stars Sleeves

Mr A B Hazelton, Mr J T Eason, Mr J Hill, Mr T Varty, Mr R W Thompson, Mr K Calleija, Miss H C Watts, Mr C Whitty, Mr P Charmichael, Mrs H C Charmichael, Mr A B Schier, Mr K G C Copelin, Mr M J Hannelly, Mrs F Towney, Mr J Wood, Mrs K Louie, Mr M P Mckenna
n/a - Kieren Hazelton
472024415s  24 2-4-4 8%  42%  $4,268 56.5
White, Navy Blue Darby Racing Logos, Navy Blue Armbands And Cap With Logo

M D Holland, Mrs S L Cheyne, S A Finch, A R Gonzalez, P W Griffin, C A Griffiths, G J McDonald, M A Nichols, C M Redding, C L Wallace, Darby Racing Cosmic Safari (Mgr: S G Darby), T A Morgan, H Mcdonald, A W Cook & Mrs M M Bailey
Cosmic Bullet
n/a - Cody Morgan
7s4396s181  16 2-0-1 13%  19%  $2,327 56.0
Black, Lime Green Sleeves And Cap

J A R Bester, Dr B Bester, Charas Bloodstock Pty Ltd (Mgr: C Charalambous) & C Charalambous
Irresistible Miss
Dylan Gibbons - Cameron Crockett
12s62154  6 1-2-0 17%  50%  $4,257 55.5 3
Yellow, Black Sash, Armbands And Cap

P Perry, S N Gillard, Mrs L A Gillard, M A Davis, Mrs T A Davis & Belsin Thoroughbreds (Mgr: M Sinclair)
Mon Amore
Clayton Gallagher - Paul Perry
575798455s  24 2-6-2 8%  42%  $3,613 55.0 4
Royal Blue, Red Quartered Diamond, Diamonds On Sleeves, Red Cap

B Hayne & Ms K L Pigott
n/a - Lyle Chandler
4289336s52  10 1-2-2 10%  50%  $3,560 55.0
Pink, Lilac Spots, White Sleeves, Lilac Spots, Pink Cap, Lilac Pom Pom

Mrs B D Gallaher, J R Gallaher, J R Gallaher, Ms J L Bowen, Ms J Buttenshaw, G B Thode, L D Campbell, D J Grant, A M J Duffy, N W Stig, T Standen, R W Standen, K Woods, A D Ekert, Mrs E Ekert, R M Ekert & N T Elliott
Badboy Mccoy
Matthew Palmer - Jan Bowen
8352375s43  31 3-3-5 10%  35%  $3,001 55.0 5
Lime Green, Black Checks, White Sleeves

P F Cruickshank, T Mathers, Mrs C Mathers, L Keys, Mrs K Keys, M P Cruickshank, D T McBeath, S C Reeves, B Cameron, A Davidson, C Gaffney, D Hill, J Heath, D Klees, S Klees, P Dwyer, B P Rafferty & M Fahey
Prince Akeem
Ashley Morgan - Todd Howlett
144052s676  11 2-1-0 18%  27%  $3,069 55.0 15
Scarlet, Old Gold And White Checked Braces, Armbands And Cap

J A Holsman, W J Wheeldon, G Wright, S J Spinks, M T Coleman, D J McGlynn, Mrs R Sydun, E Sydun, P J Foster, S Wunnacharoensri, C Laxman, Mrs M S Mulholland, B R Thomas, Ms C Branch, R L Coward, C G Greenhalgh, M I Jack, T J Desmyth & A Brown
Radegast (NZ)
n/a - Michael Mulholland
178s030436  19 2-1-3 11%  32%  $1,449 55.0 16
White, Red Diamonds, Striped Sleeves, Red Cap

Pine Lodge Thoroughbreds (Mgr: B I O'Donnell)
Stormy Pluck
Mikayla Weir - Tim McIntosh
6839583431  20 2-3-3 10%  40%  $2,407 55.0 2
Lime Green, Red Maltese Cross, Black Hooped Sleeves

B K Lees & D E Mcenearney
Apache Dude
Jackson Searle (a1.5) - Ben Lees
73423907s4  43 3-3-9 7%  35%  $2,269 55.0 7

Runner Comments

1. AngelicalHampered at start sht hd win of 8 (6) $4.40 58.0 Gold Lunar, Barellan Bandit 1600m Scone (Bm58) Heavy(8) Dec 10. 1-1/2 len win of 11 (3) $1.90F 58.0 Rockover, The Borough 1750m Muswellbrook Hcp (C2) Good(4) Jan 4.
2. SuperdeelResumes after spell of 14 weeks and could need a few starts to get going. Goes well on a softer track. At least a place chance here.
3. McnairSlowly away 2-1/4 len 4th of 12 (7) $19.00 58.5 Red Beryl 1400m Scone Hcp (C3) Soft(5) April 4. Laid in in straight 2-1/4 len 4th of 8 (3) $6.00 54.5 Orbital Express 1600m Gosford (Bm64) Heavy(9) April 25.
4. Raay Of Dreams7 len 14th of 15 (10) $81.00 52.0 Freedom Square 1200m Gosford 3yo+ Hi-Way-C3 Heavy(8) May 7. 22-3/4 len last of 14 (4) $101.00 54.5 Steplee 1500m Scone 3yo+ Hi-Way-C3 Heavy(8) May 14.
5. Our Cousin AlHampered at start 2-3/4 len 5th of 9 (6) $10.00 53.5 Highballer 1600m Wyong Hcp (C4) Heavy(8) April 14. 6-1/4 len last of 8 (8) $14.00 56.5 Orbital Express 1600m Gosford (Bm64) Heavy(9) April 25.
6. The FossilUnplaced in all seven runs this prep and came on to finish midfield last start at Muswellbrook. Draws to do no work but appears safely held.
7. DemeurerCan't knock the form winning two in a row at Dubbo and Moree. Hard to hold out.
8. Majestic Wings2 len 2nd of 12 (9) $9.50 57.5 Mook's Sister 1200m Tamworth F&M Hcp-Bm66 Good(4) April 22. 3-3/4 len 10th of 14 (13) $20.00 54.0 Steplee 1500m Scone 3yo+ Hi-Way-C3 Heavy(8) May 14.
9. CorvoSlowly away. Held up on straightening. Eased near 200m 3-1/2 len 7th of 12 (6) $14.00 58.0 Martian Queen 1600m Gunnedah Hcp (C2) Soft(6) May 2. 1/2 len 4th of 10 (2) $5.00 58.5 Cheptegei 1600m Gilgandra Hcp (C2) Heavy(9) May 15.
10. Cosmic Bullet3-1/2 len 4th of 9 (9) $10.00 56.5 Daksha 1400m Armidale (Bm66) Good(4) Jan 24. 3-3/4 len 7th of 10 (6) $10.00 58.5 All The Shops 1280m Muswellbrook (Bm58) Soft(6) May 9.
11. Irresistible MissAmongst the placegetters last start running second at Taree when fresh and has run well on a soft track. Place only.
12. Mon AmoreUnplaced in all eight runs this prep and faded to finish six lengths off the winner last start at Newcastle. Not in this.
13. Miandelle1/2 len 2nd of 12 (3) $7.50 57.0 Rockbarton Roman 1500m Muswellbrook (Bm58) Good(4) April 18. Began awkwardly len 4th of 11 (9) $5.00 57.5 All Words 1750m Muswellbrook (Bm58) Soft(7) April 29.
14. Badboy MccoyHas placed in three runs from six this campaign but no wins in four past runs at Tamworth. Won't be far away in the run. Not here.
15. Prince AkeemTaken back from wide barrier. Laid in in straight 1-3/4 len 4th of 13 (10) $9.00 56.0 Silver City 1280m Muswellbrook Hcp (C1) Good(4) April 18. 1-1/4 len win of 11 (11) $9.00 56.5 Spritza Seritza, Badboy Mccoy 1400m Gunnedah (Bm58) Soft(6) May 2.
16. RadegastSlowly away 3-1/2 len 7th of 9 (9) $16.00 57.5 Sizzle Chic 1200m Bathurst Hcp (C1) Soft(5) April 25. Lg hd win of 11 (5) $8.00 58.0 Zoey Lass, Jin Chi Phantom 1280m Gilgandra (Bm58) Heavy(9) May 15.
17. Stormy PluckFinished in the middle of the pack last start at Muswellbrook on a soft track and won once this prep at Taree nine runs back. Likely to settle back in the field. Prefer others.
18. Apache DudePlaced last start at Armidale on a soft track and has the speed to overcome an unfavourable draw. Has placed in three runs from seven this campaign. Needs the breaks.

Gear Changes

4. Raay Of Dreams Winkers OFF FIRST TIME. 16. Radegast Lugging Bit AGAIN.